The Team


Founder DM Morales’ short stories have appeared in CC&D Magazine, Red Fez, Danse Macabre, The Missing Slate, Milk Sugar Literary Magazine and Writing Tomorrow. She is the author of “Natalia The Catholic,” a graphic novel about a vigilante nun. A Chicago native, her BA in Sociology and Creative Writing is from Loyola University. She is a founding co-director of Empowerment Project – Austin, and a board member of Traffick Free. When she’s not working, she is traveling, playing the piano and singing the blues.

Attorney Michael Klima has sixteen years of experience within the insurance underwriting and legal fields with a focus on environmental. Over his career, he has worked for AmWins, RPS, Ace (now Chubb), AIG and Rockhill. He obtained his J.D. from the Kent College of Law with certificates in Environmental Law and International Law. He is licensed in Illinois. His undergraduate degree is from Illinois Wesleyan University and is in Risk Management and Insurance.

Dr. Kaitlin Rasmussen is a PhD astrophysicist who works at the University of Notre Dame and MIT. Her research focuses include the nuclear physics of heavy element production, the study of the oldest stars in the galaxy, and the search for new alien worlds. Dr. Rasmussen also has expertise in gravity, radiation, quantum mechanics, exotic cosmologies, time travel and faster-than-light mechanisms—and if she doesn’t know it, she knows someone who does. In addition to her work as an astrophysicist, she is also a published science fiction author whose works can be found in Vulture Bones, Bewildering Stories, Lovecraftiana, and more.

Dr. Jason Burnham is a board certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. In addition to seeing patients in the hospital and the clinic, he is a clinical researcher, focusing on infections due to antibiotic resistant bacteria. He has over thirty publications on this and other research topics.

Book Club Readers

Reader A is a software architect in the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. She has been a book club participant throughout her adult life.

Reader B
works at a library.

Reader C has chosen to remain anonymous.

Reader D
works for a large academic publishing company.

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