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At MMC we offer book clubs and expert advice for your work in progress. These are services designed to get your manuscript polished and ready for agent submission.

Book Club

Our readers are a diverse group of women in their 30’s to 70’s with varied educational, social and professional backgrounds. They are lifelong book lovers and the very people you may one day be marketing to. With this option, we will each read your manuscript and then have a book club meeting to discuss it. Danielle Morales will guide the group with thought provoking questions. Detailed meeting notes, as well as a brief survey will be returned to you. Price is $250 to $650 and depends on the availability of readers. Click here to find out more about our readers. 

Expert Opinions – Can my main character sue for that?

Do you have a criminal procedural, a sci-fi saga or just a medical scene that you aren’t quite sure of? We have a lawyer, a doctor, and an astrobiologist on staff to answer all of your questions and ensure the authenticity of your work. A half-hour Skype session is $35. $75 for a full hour. Click here to find out more about our experts.

Survivor Stories and Marginalized Populations

Some stories need to be heard, but they’re underrepresented in the current readership. If your work aims to tell the story of a marginalized population or that of a survivor of violence or abuse, we offer a 10% discount on any and all services. Please make a note, following your query, regarding where your work fits in. 

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